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07 April Mobile Trading

90% of smartphone users decide to buy something while surfing the internet on their smartphones. That's why a responsive mobile web store is a must for any online business owner these days. Our company supports the mobile version of your website, which is an attractive, feature-rich, and graphically pleasing showcase. The mobile-friendly version works on any connected device without any extra development or plugin required. It's free.

Our company offers you a rich range of themes. You can choose the one that best expresses you and your brand among these themes and use it for your website. Many professional themes available and created by famous designers!

07 April Other Features

Digital products: Customers can order and download your digital products directly from your online store.

Import / Export: Import or export your products CSV files using one of our company's applications.

Product organization: Organize products by category, genre, season, sale, and more. Unlimited products: There is no product limit in your online store.

Video and 3D Support: You can easily add video and 3D assets to product pages, view and manage these products.

Subscriptions: You can secure recurring income by offering subscriptions.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics provides you track sales, visits, and referrals.

26 February GDPR Support

Our company offers both in EU and all over the world GDPR  / support for data security and compliance. As Hafsa Software, we are committed to complying with worldwide regulations in order to protect the security and privacy of our customers. Our company offers this not only to customers within the EU, but also to all customers around the world. As a company, we support the privacy rights of individuals and comply with all regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Our company provide all required PCI compliance. We use many integrated payment methods and gateways to securely transmit credit card data. Our website is built on completely secure technologies. Our security features are as follows:

  • Built-in security with Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework.
  • SSL support for secure browsing and payment
  • Honeypot support to prevent spam
  • Strong and flexible customer password policy
26 February Customer Service

Our company offers you all the tools you need. We can list these features as follows:

External authentication: Your customers' Facebook, Twitter, etc. Allows him to register and log in using social media sites.

Wish List: Allows customers to add products to their wish list.

Cookies: EU (European Union) cookie law requires websites to obtain consent from users before placing cookies.

Customer features: Any built-in customer features can be disabled or enabled. Additional features can be created upon request.

Security and permissions: A store owner can set specific rules and permissions for different categories of users.

Other features:

  • Web Services API
  • Customers register / login by email or username
  • Customers can view their order history / status.
  • Live chat
  • Time zone support
  • Password recovery
  • ReCAPTCHA support
  • Contact us form
  • Customer event registration
26 February Tax Features

Our company helps you in tax calculations and legal requirements on tax. We support you and your customers. Store owners can manage the details on this subject as they wish, thanks to the features in the management panel. The tax features we offer you:

  • Configuring taxes by country and postal code
  • Individual products can be marked as taxable or tax-free
  • Different tax classes for different products
  • Some customer groups can be marked as tax exempt
  • Prices including or excluding tax can be displayed.
  • Store owners can determine if shipping costs are taxable
  • Tax automation services integration
26 February Shipping Features

Our company integrates various shipping features into your system. We offer you the following features in transportation:

Calculation: Thanks to the calculation system, a store can be configured for free shipping of goods over X TL. It can also calculate shipping rates based on order weight or order totals.

Address information: Our company allows your customers to provide two different addresses for billing and shipping, so they can easily send the products they purchase as gifts.

Estimated shipping: Helps customers estimate shipping cost before the payment process begins.

Delivery Points: Our company also supports receiving from the store. This feature allows a store owner to configure the pick-up locations where customers can pick up packages.

Tracking: Multiple shipments are supported for each order and tracking number. Customers can easily track where their shipments are at the moment.

Shipping Methods: A store owner can define specific shipping methods.

26 February Payment Methods

Our company allows you to support many payment methods. Our company is in communication and cooperation with many payment providers around the world in terms of integration.

Our company also allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards. A store can be set up to authorize or authorize credit card mods only.

Each country has its own payment preferences, so our company also allows you to limit the payment methods for each country.

26 February Marketing and SEO

Our company has various features in terms of marketing campaigns. It also offers you an SEO compatible e-commerce site. If we look at the features of marketing and SEO, we can make a list as follows:

Search engine optimization (SEO): We help potential customers find your store using search engines. Our company supports SEO best practices such as customizable H1, title and meta tags.

Google Ads credits: If you spend some Money on Google, you get $100 from Google ads.

Product reviews: Engage your customers with the option of SEO friendly product reviews on your website.

Social media integration: All websites linked to us include social media integrations such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Discounts: Increase sales and customer loyalty by creating direct discount codes and promotions.

Gift Cards: Your customers can purchase gift cards for one of your store or redeem gift cards for store credit.

Reward Points System: The reward points program allows you to present points earned from money spent in the store to customers. A customer can then redeem the points for additional products in your store.